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At Sleep Clinic Services, we make sleep studies easy. Sleep Clinic Services home sleep study australia

For most people, there is simply no need or reason to travel and pay to see a Sleep Physician prior to your sleep study (unless you want to), because we do the necessary screening over the phone for you, for free.

There is no need to stay overnight in a sleep lab, nor must you visit a site for 'fitting' on the day of your study (and then wear the equipment around until the next morning).

Instead of making you get to the technology, we get the technology to you.

A diagnostic unit will be delivered to your door, on the date you choose for your sleep study.

No preliminary appointments. No lengthy delays. No strange beds or fitting procedures. No travel. No parking. No fuss at all.

A proper diagnosis is a vital step in dealing with your OSA ... and now that is easier than ever.

Don't delay the life changing benefits of healthy, restful, undisturbed sleep for you and your partner.

Call now: 1300 246 637 

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Sleep apnoea is a common sleep disorder where your breathing stops while you are asleep.

Can sleep apnoea be prevented? 

Do You Need CPAP Forever

If you’re like most people you may not like the idea of having CPAP treatment forever. But, that may not be the case for you.

Benefits of a Home Sleep Study

Have you ever thought about having a home sleep study?

How Sleep Clinic Services Can Help


Complete our online sleep self assessment questionnaire to estimate your likelihood of having a serious sleep disordered breathing condition. 

Available Across Australia

‘In Home’ diagnostic sleep studies (polysomnograms) are now available all around Australia, including in small regional centres, representing a welcome change to the requirement and expense of an overnight stay in a hospital or sleep clinic unit. 


SCS is the only sleep healthcare provider in Australia which guarantees effective treatment of your moderate to severe sleep apnoea condition; or your money back!


Robyn has been a leading SCS Sleep Therapist since 2008. With over a decade's experience in the sleep medicine field, she has personally helped many hundreds of people around Australia to enjoy better sleep.

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