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You literally saved my life!

I am writing this letter to thank you personally for all the help and amazing support since I first contacted you to discuss my sleep apnoea condition. To say that you have helped me and that your support has been professional would be like saying the view from Mt Everest is good. You are quite frankly an amazing person and I believe that you have literally saved my life!

From our very first phone conversation, your support and advice has been fantastic. As you know, I work long hours and am not available during 'normal' daytime hours, but this has been no problem for you to phone me after work, sometimes as late as 9pm to provide advice and help. Our conversations often end with "best be getting dinner organised!"

Prior to my doctor suggesting that I get checked out for sleep apnoea, I had gained a large amount of weight, was constantly tired, and my blood pressure was through the roof. Due to work I was unable to visit a sleep clinic and so was forced to organise the whole thing over the phone. I must admit, I was dubious about whether this would be achievable, but I should not have worried.

After the initial testing, I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea, with a reading of 129 apnoeas per hour - I was an extreme case! My health was spiralling out of control, it looked like I might lose my job, and I didn't know how to fix it. Then I met this wonderful lady named Robyn (over the phone).

Now, some 6 months later, I have lost 8kg (a little ways to go but at least I'm heading in the right direction,) my blood pressure is back to normal, I have plenty of energy for work (and for life). During my last check-up, my apnoea episodes are down to 3.5 per hour, and have stayed below 5 per hour consistently since first starting treatment.

While I am sure I'm not the only person to have discovered the benefits of using a CPAP machine, I must admit, I was more than a little sceptical at first, and working in an isolated community, I doubted that I would get the service and support I needed to maintain the treatment...How wrong I was! You have been a god send in my life, Robyn. I owe you more than simple thanks could ever provide, and yet I believe you would say "there is no need, it's just part of the job."

Anyway, I do wish to thank you, Robyn. As I say, I believe that your support and advice has quite literally saved my life, and how do you thank someone for that? I hope your boss understands what an amazing asset you are as I'm sure all the other people out there whom you help and support do.

Kind regards,
Michael Hicks