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Combat Sleep Deprivation at Work

Workplaces are getting back into the swing of things. And it’s the perfect time to assess Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) matters including an awareness of how sleep deprivation affects productivity, and your bottom line.

Sleep disorders account for 9.1% of work-related injuries and 7.6% of non work-related motor vehicle accidents. (Access Economics, 'The Value of Healthy Sleep', 2004). Sleep apnoea is the most common of these sleep disorders. The cost of work-related injuries attributable to sleep disorders was estimated to be approximately $3billion in 2004, with production disturbance costs of an additional $126million.

My wife and family life is much better.

"(My) weight is coming off, driving long trips is so much safer and not as stressful, I do not even feel tired at meetings. My wife and family life is much better, so you can see it was probably the best money I have spent or as I say invested."
- Mort Philp