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Benefits of a Home Sleep Study

Have you ever thought about having a home sleep study? If you struggle with daytime sleepiness then you may already know what’s causing it. Perhaps you find it hard to wind down after a busy day, or you have an infant in the house? But if you don’t know, and you really need a good night’s sleep, a sleep study may be the answer. So, do you go to a sleep lab or opt for a home sleep study?

"I had visions of trying to sleep in a cold, sterile and unfamiliar environment, far removed from my current sleep environment. Nothing could be so different."
- Louise Child.

"I came to you because someone said you were good. Experience showed that to be an understatement. I admire anyone that is passionate about their work."
- Andrew Reekie

"My advice to anyone with obstructive sleep apnoea is not to suffer anymore or risk the health consequences of sleep apnea."
- Elizabeth Hall