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Our Guarantee to You

SCS is the only sleep healthcare provider in Australia which guarantees effective treatment of your moderate to severe sleep apnoea condition; or your money back!

Sleep Clinic Services (in conjunction with Fisher & Paykel) is offering a free F&P Healthcare mask with any F&P CPAP Icon+ purchased during October 2015.

cpap-masksChoose from either the F&P Pilairo, Eson, or Simplus healthcare masks (as demonstrated in the above video). 

I was going for periods of up to 1.17 minutes without breathing.

"Before I would wake up feeling run down and still tired as if being on the grog all night and with a headache and tired at night falling asleep in front of the TV earlier in the evenings. After a week, I was a feeling better and a lot more alert and refreshed in the mornings. I get more sleep now as my wife is no longer hitting me and waking me up to telling me to “breathe!” - Jim Goldring

The results of my home sleep study were very prompt and explained in great detail.

"The ease of a Home Sleep Study was very comforting And my CPAP machine delivered promptly to my door."
- Belinda Skinner

Be receptive to what your body is telling you and enjoy a longer healthier life.

" I don't live in a large city, the idea of sleeping in a strange bed was not an option, and I wanted to ensure that this test was for my knowledge- not something I'd have to share with others. SCS's home service provided this for me." - Cheryl Reid

I wake up feeling refreshed and for the first time in years I am dreaming again.

"Each night I look forward to going to sleep, and it has been a long time since I have felt this way. I wake up feeling refreshed and for the first time in years I am dreaming again, because I am sleeping more deeply." - Louise Child.


Continuous Positive Airway Pressurisation (CPAP) has long been recognised as the 'gold standard' for the treatment of moderate to severe sleep apnoea. Despite this, around 55% of people prescribed with CPAP treatment discontinued their therapy after just a few weeks. Studies show the main reasons for CPAP discontinuation among new users is their lack of technical knowledge and poor understanding of CPAP therapy.

I came to you because someone said you were good.

"Your passion for helping others can be seen in your eyes. I came to you because someone said you were good. Experience showed that to be an understatement. I admire anyone that is passionate about their work." - Andrew Reekie

Fantastic follow up service with a smile.

"She (Robyn Fowler) has gone the extra mile on a number of occasions, by hand delivering a temporary machine for my use whilst my machine was getting serviced, and analyzing the results of my sleeping patterns on a regular basis. Overall, now that I have the CPAP in my life, I couldn’t live without it (or Robyn!!!)" - Len Kasulke

I decided it was time to get serious about my health.

"I knew that this was going to be a great thing for my health and my life overall. My advice to anyone with obstructive sleep apnoea is not to suffer anymore or risk the health consequences of sleep apnea." - Elizabeth Hall