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Sleep Therapists

Robyn AwardAt Sleep Clinic Services we recognise that sleep disordered breathing is a serious medical condition which needs serious patient care.

That’s what our Sleep Therapists are famous for.

As a patient of ours, you’ll experience an award winning level of service and care.  You’ll be cared for as a person, not treated like a ‘case’.  And you’ll find the entire experience of getting diagnosis and/or treatment with one of our Sleep Therapists is as stress- and hassle-free as possible.

From the time a Sleep Therapist is assigned to look after you, you can rest easy in the knowledge you’re in good hands.  Every Sleep Therapist undergoes almost 100 hours of initial intensive training on the use of portable diagnostic sleep recorders and the delivery of CPAP treatment, plus constant update training to maintain their skills and expertise.

In many cases, our Sleep Therapists are diagnosed SDB sufferers and users of CPAP themselves, so they have first hand experience ‘on the receiving end’ of each step in the treatment pathway.  They’ll go out of their way to help you avoid the delays, unnecessary expenses and frustrations which so many other patients experience.

The diagnostic recorder for your sleep study will be delivered to you in your home. Unlike others, we don't make you come to us to collect it! After you've slept overnight wearing the recorder, your Sleep Therapist will download the recorded data (including brain activity, cardiac activity, breathing patterns and stoppages, your blood oxygen levels, stages of sleep, dream time, sleeping position, limb movement and more) and send the information to our specialist sleep physician. 

The sleep physician will analyse the data and diagnose the nature and severity of your condition, and provide a prescription for an appropriate form of treatment if necessary.  As soon as your report is received, your Sleep Therapist will call you to arrange a time to explain exactly what was discovered and what it means.  You’ll be surprised at how much the study finds – and your Sleep Therapist will explain everything to you in ‘plain English’ instead of confusing medical terminology.

If treatment is necessary, your Sleep Therapist will explain your options (as prescribed by an expert specialist) and arrange a treatment program for you.

The service and care doesn’t end there.  After you’re comfortably using your CPAP, your Sleep Therapist will be in touch on a regular basis to check your progress.  (This can be done by downloading data from the CPAP machine – showing exactly how well your sleep apnoea has been treated.  The regular downloads also let your Sleep Therapist check for and help you fix any issues, such as air leakage). 

And in between these regular contacts, your Sleep Therapist is only ever a phone call away.  You can literally call at any time of the day or night if you need to, and you’ll always be talking to the person who has looked after you since Day 1. 

Perhaps most importantly of all, the personal care doesn’t stop.  As a patient of Sleep Clinic Services, your Sleep Therapist will be responsible for you ... forever.  You’ll never be left alone, ignored or forgotten about.

That’s why our patients have the highest treatment success rates in Australia.  Quite simply, we don’t just sell you a CPAP machine and leave you to work it all out for yourself.  Instead, you’re taken step by step through the whole process, from start to finish and thereafter, so you are completely comfortable and successfully treated.

The difference to your health, wellbeing, work and relationships will be remarkable. 

If you’d like to ask some questions or have a chat with one of our wonderful Sleep Therapists, call now on 1300 246 637 or fill in the contact form and we’ll be in touch.


Michael Hicks - "You literally saved my life!"
Jim Goldring - "I was going for periods of up to 1min 17secs without breathing!"
Belinda Skinner - "The results of my home sleep study were very prompt and explained in great detail" 

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