Sleep Studies

Sleep Studies Are A Critically Important Diagnostic Tool

Sleep studies, otherwises known as 'diagnostic sleep studies' or 'polysomnograms' are critically important tools for determining the nature and severity of a patient's condition.

Diagnostic sleep studies can be performed in an 'attended' setting, typically in a hospital based sleep unit, where trained sleep scientists observe the patient throughout the night.  Alternatively, and increasingly commonly, the diagnostic sleep study can be done with a portable diagnostic recorder.

Sleep studies can now be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home.These state of the art portable diagnostic sleep study recorders allow you to have your sleep study in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom. 

For patients without serious complications or conditions, these portable sleep studies are every bit as effective as the sleep studies provided through the hospital based units.  Indeed, many hospitals use these portable diagnostic sleep study recorders themselves.

Apart from being less daunting and less expensive, these portable diagnostic sleep studies also allow a more typical sleeping environment for the sleep study to be conducted in, and a vastly more convenient treatment experience.  Instead of you visiting a sleep laboratory and checking in for the night, the portable sleep study recorder will be delivered to you at your home at a convenient time and a nurse will demonstrate how to use the recorder.  (Most of it is auto-function.  You need do very little apart from actually putting the recorder on, and a DVD and colour booklet is provided to guide you step by step through the process.  if you wish, the nurse can fit you with the recorder and leave it on you in preparation for your going to bed.)

These high quality recorders monitor brainwave activity, cardiac activity, blood oxygen levels, breathing patterns and stoppages, limb movements, sleeping position and much more.  The recorder is collected the next morning and the recorded data is then downloaded and provided to specialist, independent sleep physicians who diagnose your condition and prescribe an appropriate form of treatment. 

Truly, nothing could be easier and, as mentioned earlier, the home-based sleep study avoids lengthy waiting lists, expensive hospital stays and uncomfortable nights in a foreign environment.  The cost of the sleep study is fully covered by Medicare and a small clinical administration fee covers the delivery, collection and refurbishment of the equipment. 

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