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At Sleep Clinic Services, instead of making you get to the diagnostic technology, we get the diagnostic technology to you. 

There’s no need for a preliminary consultation with a specialist Sleep Physician.  No visit to a ‘site’ for fitting during the day, then wearing the equipment until the next morning.  No spending a night in a strange bed and unnatural environment. No long waiting lists. No travel and parking hassles.  No fuss at all.

Instead, your sleep study can now be done in the convenience and comfort of your own home, using a portable diagnostic recorder. The equipment will be delivered to your door, on a date of your choice.

These are full ‘polysomnographic’ recorders, not mere screening devices (which attract no Medicare rebate), so you can be completely confident about the resulting diagnosis.

After you've slept overnight wearing the diagnostic recorder, the recorded data will be scored by a Sleep Scientist and a formal diagnosis and prescription will be provided by a specialist Sleep & Respiratory Physician.  

Importantly, the reporting scientist and physician are both completely independent, so you can be confident your diagnosis and treatment recommendations really are the best for you.  

You will get a copy of your very detailed report explaining everything, not just your doctor.  You'll be surprised at how much the study finds – and your Sleep Therapist will explain everything to you in 'plain English' instead of confusing medical terminology.

Our Care Team will go out of their way to help you avoid the delays, wasted time, unnecessary expenses and frustrations which so many others experience. 

Our Guarantee to you...

You're a person, not a 'case'. So getting you a good diagnostic result is our objective.

That's why we guarantee our in-home sleep studies will deliver a successful diagnostic report.  If the Sleep Scientist or Sleep Physician consider it necessary, we will perform another sleep study for you at no charge. No other sleep study provider offers to do this.

Sleep Clinic Services "I previously had a sleep study in (Name removed) hospital but the strange noises and environment kept me from sleeping properly and so the study was a failure. A complete waste of time and money. I'm glad I learned about your in home sleep studies otherwise I would still be undiagnosed and untreated.."

"After being referred to a different service by my doctor, and being totally dissatisfied, I can say that you guys far surpass the competition."

Shane Alexander

Conducting first class home based sleep studies is our core business, not merely a sideline.  

And making sleep studies available to people who don't have the time, money or ability to get to a hospital or sleep clinic is our particular expertise.

"To say you have helped me and your support has been professional

would be like saying the view from Mt Everest is 'good'"

Michael Hicks

Patient-friendly diagnostic sleep studies is what we do.  Ready to do something about your sleep?

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A friendly Care Coordinator will be happy to answer your questions and give you whatever information you're looking for. 

Your sleep disorder should be treated, not tolerated.  Get in touch now! 

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