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Patient Feedback

Sleep Clinic Services puts the patient's satisfaction and successful treatment above anything else. Here's what our patients' have to say:

“To say you have helped me and your support has been professional would be like saying the view from Mt Everest is good!"
- Michael Hicks

"I would wake up feeling run down and still tired as if being on the grog all night!"
- Jim Goldring

For quite some time now I have suffered from Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea without even realising it. Thanks to Robyn and the team at Sleep Clinic Services, my life has completely changed around in a matter of weeks! My sleep is so much more restful since going on to CPAP therapy, and my boss, colleagues, Personal Trainer and family have all commented on multiple occasions about my increased energy levels, improved concentration, and above all, happiness. My Acid Reflux has also disappeared entirely.

"My advice to anyone with obstructive sleep apnoea is not to suffer anymore or risk the health consequences of sleep apnea."
- Elizabeth Hall

"From initial contact through to delivery of equipment was excellent."
- Joe Condon

"After being referred to a different service by my doctor, and being totally dissatisfied, I can say that you guys far surpass the competition."
- Shane Alexander

"I had visions of trying to sleep in a cold, sterile and unfamiliar environment, far removed from my current sleep environment. Nothing could be so different."
- Louise Child.

"The micro sleeps were becoming more common and I knew this, plus long distances, would lead most likely to a bad ending ..."
- Mort Philp

"Sleep Clinic Services were very supportive and made me feel better about myself."
- Deb Minic

"The ease of a Home Sleep Study was very comforting And my CPAP machine delivered promptly to my door."
- Belinda Skinner