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Our Guarantee to You

Sleep Clinic Services Trusted CPAP Provider QLD award

Sleep Clinic Services is the only sleep healthcare provider in Australia which GUARANTEES successful diagnosis and GUARANTEES effective treatment of moderate to severe sleep apnoea for the patients we work with.    

Our treatment procedures have been recognised as ‘world best practice’ and as a result, we have achieved accreditation as Level 1 (highest level) Training Providers to The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. We're also the winner of the Award For Excellence in the Professional Services Category.

We have cared for thousands of patients, all around Australia, from capital cities through to mining camps and remote rural properties. We know our approach delivers treatment success rates more than double what our competitors achieve.

So, if you want an accurate diagnosis of how you typically sleep, and an effective treatment, we really are the best people to speak with.



Our Method - Personal, Professional, Ongoing Care:

A caring professional Sleep Therapist will be personally responsible for your care and treatment. To them, you're not just a 'case' or a customer. You will be someone they personally care about. (It makes a huge difference!)

Our caring, highly experienced Sleep Therapists are dedicated to improving the sleep health and wellbeing of their patients.

Your Sleep Therapist will help you at every stage along the 'patient pathway' for as far as you need to go. 

From organising your home sleep study, organising the Medicare rebate, liaising with Sleep Scientists and specialist Sleep Physicians, and arranging reports for your referring doctor, right through to making sure you get the best treatment for your needs.

Our concentrated one-on-one attention and expert personal support means you enjoy the highest likelihood of successful treatment of any sleep disorder you might have.

Without this proactive support, many apnoea sufferers are not successfully treated for their condition. Our ongoing care ensures your treatment is effective and beneficial. Guaranteed.

Our unique, industry-leading 5 point guarantee means you can count on the best care AND the best value service.

1. Best Value Guarantee:

You will find it difficult to find another organisation which gives you the support and care you’ll get through Sleep Clinic Services. That said, if you find the same treatment program at a lower price, we guarantee to pay you the difference.    

You simply can’t lose by dealing with Sleep Clinic Services.

2. Satisfaction Guarantee:

We promise you will enjoy improved sleep and your diagnosed sleep disordered breathing condition will be vastly improved, if not completely resolved. If this is not the case within three months of commencing treatment, we will buy your equipment back from you at the full price you paid.  

Unlike others, we will never sell something to you and then forget about you.

3. Local Specialists Guarantee:

We use only Australian based Sleep Scientists and specialist Sleep Physicians to do the analysis of your sleep study data. We're a proudly Australian company and our sleep experts are amongst the best in the world, so we get important work done here, rather than outsourcing overseas.

4. Legendary Care For The Life of Your Treatment Guarantee:

You will never be thought of as a ‘case’ or a number. Your Sleep Therapist will provide proactive and personal care for you for the life of your treatment. Legendary patient care is our standard.

5. Improved Sleep, Health, and Wellbeing Guarantee:

Our goal is to do much more for you than simply provide a sleep study or treatment. Our overall goal is to help you enjoy better health, wellbeing and relationships. We will constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve your treatment experience and effectiveness. 

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