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My wife and family life is much better.

I was talking to Robyn [Fowler] yesterday when she rang me to check on how I am going with my CPAP therapy. Firstly I must say Robyn has been wonderful with me and I think if it wasn't for the excellent way she introduced me to CPAP and followed up on how I was proceeding, I may not have proceeded with the therapy so well. Thanks Robyn.

I now have been using CPAP for over four months now and my life has turned around. I will give you a brief outline of the changes since the start. Due to the nature of my work in mining, I do a lot of driving between jobs sites and did experience micro sleeps on more than one occasion, this is the main reason I decided to try CPAP. The micro sleeps were becoming more common and I knew this plus long distances would lead most likely to a bad ending.  Also at meetings, I was actually falling asleep. My snoring drove my wife mad and she often moved rooms because of it. I also found that as my sleep deprivation increased my consumption of food on trips increased to fight off the urge to nod off, this lead to a big weight gain. So since CPAP, weight is coming off, driving long trips is so much safer and not as stressful, I do not even feel tired at meetings. My wife and family life is much better, so you can see it was probably the best money I have spent or as I say invested.

It has become almost second nature to me using CPAP, actually I would find it strange to go to sleep without this aid now, the CPAP machine goes with me everywhere and I have not had a bad nights sleep in months.  If you wish to use me as a referee on the benefits of CPAP, feel free to contact me or use this as a written acknowledgement of the success of this great invention and treatment.


Mort Philp