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MAS Only 50% Effective According To News Report

A recent national news report claims Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS) are effective in only 50% of cases (National National News 30/03/15) ... That's a lot of money to spend on something that only 'might' work!? 

Here are three simple recommendations to follow before commencing any treatment…

1.  Treatment MUST begin with a polysomnogram (diagnostic sleep study).  This determines the true nature and the severity of the condition.  Often patients think they ‘just’ snore, when in reality they are suffering from more serious conditions such as apnoea (where they stop breathing dozens of times each hour while asleep).  Only a specialist sleep physician, viewing a current sleep study report, can make a proper decision about an appropriate form of treatment.

2.  The sleep study must be done before … and then again AFTER treatment to objectively confirm the efficacy of the treatment. 

3.  Get treatment from professionals.  In the course of walking a patient along the ‘treatment pathway, we will involve treatment coordinator nurses, specialist sleep physicians, sleep scientists, general practitioners, specially trained dentists, dental prosthetists and technicians, nurses specialising in constant positive airway pressurisation … and numerous others.  The likelihood of getting an optimally successful and long lasting treatment from a ‘pinkie ring’ or some other do-it-yourself form of treatment are almost non-existent.

With our patient compliance rate, we are still the best option for patients with moderate or severe OSA, as per the American Academy of Sleep Medicine guidlines.

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