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Join SCS at the Centenary Natural Health Expo 2014

Sleep Clinic Services have been invited to present a talk entitled Sleep Disordered Breathing - The Hidden Epidemic at the inaugural Centenary Natural Health Expo this Saturday 28th June at the Jindalee Hotel from 2.30pm.

The purpose of the Expo is to inspire and educate people on how to naturally improve their health and well being. This year's theme is Creating a Future of Abundant Health and Vitality, Today.

"The Expo will feature presentations by top health experts, free computerised health checks, cooking demonstrations, massage services, special discounts by exhibitors, lucky door prizes and more" explains Peter Mills, Expo Organiser and Senior Practitioner at Centenary Natural Therapies Clinic, Jindalee.

"You can talk to naturopaths, acupuncturists and chiropractors. As well as listen to talks and demonstrations from health care professionals and exhibitors from around Brisbane."

  • 10.00  Stress Junkies Survival Guide (Chris Bakens, Jetts Jindalee)
  • 10.20  Qigong class (Julia Chai, Minds Ease)
  • 10.40  How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Chai (Fehreen Ali, Australian Tea Master & Expert Ayurvedic Teaologist, Tea Coup)
  • 11.00  Healthy cooking demonstration (Jindalee Hotel head chef)
  • 11.40  Clean and Green Eating with the Thermomix (Melanie Trebilcock, Thermomix)
  • 12.00  The 7 Secrets to Abundant Health (Dr Stuart Ward, Bonfire Yoga & Chiropractic)
  • 12.40  The 5 Keys to Improving Fertility Naturally (fertility experts Camilla Cameron, acupuncturist, and Margaret McNamara, naturopath, Centenary Natural Therapies Clinic)
  • 13.20  Bioresonance – Energetic Healing (Marcia Pitman, Lifeworks Health Clinic)
  • 13.40  Work – Life Balance...The Art Of Juggling (Chris Bakens, Jetts Jindalee)
  • 14.00  Healthy cooking demonstration (Jindalee Hotel head chef)
  • 14.20  The Health Benefits of Hypnotherapy (Julia Chai, Minds Ease)
  • 14.40  Sleep Disordered Breathing – The Hidden Epidemic (Brett Chamberlain, CEO / Founder of Sleep Clinic Services)

Our CEO and Founder Brett Chamberlain will also be presenting on the importance of naturally improving health and well being through receiving regular deep restorative sleep.

"The problem nowadays is most people think that snoring is normal. However, snoring is a clear indication that a person's airflow is impaired" Mr Chamberlain explains.

"This is usually due to a person's soft tissue (the tongue, soft palate, uvula, and the pharyngeal walls) relaxing and losing tension while the person sleeps, which then intrudes into their airway. Ultimately causing the sufferer to momentarily stop breathing."

When a person stops breathing their blood oxygen levels fall. To compensate, the body's sympathetic nervous system kicks-in (the fight or flight reflex) triggering an alert to wake the sufferer and get them breathing again.

"Unfortunately, this micro-arousal is so brief that the sufferer usually has no recollection of having woken. They simply gasp awake, take a breath and fall back to sleep immediately" Mr Chamberlain explains.

"As a result, many sufferers never reach the important deeper levels of sleep required for optimum health and daily function. Instead, they only receive hundreds of short naps throughout the night, waking each morning feeling tired – when, in reality, they should be feeling most refreshed."

This health problem is commonly known as Sleep Disordered Breathing or SDB, and affects 1 in 3 adult Australians.

"SDB has been referred to as 'a hidden epidemic' in medical literature and can be linked directly to a wide range of negative consequences and health problems including excessive daytime sleepiness, lethargy and chronic fatigue, type 2 diabetes, metabolic retardation and consequent obesity, chronic acid reflux (GERD,) frequent night urination, loss of libido and impotence, ischaemic heart disease, cognitive impairment, hypertension, and stroke" Mr Chamberlain explains.

SDB not only reduces the quality of relationships at the family home, but across all facets of a sufferer's life.

Mr Ian Rogers of Yatala was unaware that he suffered from SDB until he discovered himself falling asleep behind his work desk, and not able to drive his car.

"My snoring has been the butt of many a joke over the years and my reputation preceded me when I would go on camp-outs with friends or family. Over all the years of the jokes no one told me about sleep apnoea or how dangerous it could be and when the problem found me falling asleep at my desk at work or feeling so tired by mid-morning that I couldn't drive; it all started to fall together" Mr Rogers explains.

"Robyn [Robyn Fowler - Sleep Therapist at Sleep Clinic Services] showed such a high level of customer service in everything from taking my initial enquires, running me through hooking-up the initial in-home diagnostic sleep tests. When my results came back (which scared the pants off me!) Robyn didn't wait a minute to call me and let me know what was going on, then organised treatment immediately" says a relieved Mr Rogers.

"I do know a little bit about brain function, cardiac readings and oxygen saturation levels so the results were not exactly difficult for me to understand what I serious problem I had. I hate to admit it but they scared me considerably!"

Customer service and caring seem to be gone in everything you do these days whether its buying a TV, a car, your groceries or even an expensive or worrying service but hat off to Robyn and Sleep Clinic Services for having to deal with a petrified patient on the end of the phone."

"The price quoted by Sleep Clinic Services includes something that is far more important than price, service and backup so a little bit more for the machine and the benefits of uncapped contact and support are worth double the price to me and should be to you as well - unless you have rocks in your head :) "

"My thanks again to Robyn and Theresa for all of your fantastic help. Such kindness, dedication and understanding of an individual person is so rare these days, please keep up what you are doing to help other people like me."

If you suffer from SDB or know someone who does, arrange an in-home diagnostic sleep study to determine the nature and severity of your potential condition. You can submit a complimentary sleep self-assessment from this site (normally worth $125) or call 1300 246 637 to organise a time to chat with a friendly sleep therapist, obligation free.

Sleep Disordered Breathing should be treated; not tolerated. Act now.

Otherwise, we'll see you at the Centenary Natural Health Expo. Free entry. For more info visit: