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I was going for periods of up to 1.17 minutes without breathing.

My wife was concerned about my sleep and the number of times I stopped breathing through the night (it was not from her placing a pillow over my head either!) She decided to research the problem on Dr Google and found the Sleep Clinic Services.

She was very impressed with their friendly manner and the way they assisted her with the problem and not having to go to the hospital for an analysis but having a test in my very own bed and home when it suited me. We decided to proceed and was impressed with the speed and help in providing the service.

After deciding to proceed, it was only a matter of days before we received the Home Sleep Study unit, with personal instructions on how to use it.

After sending the Home Sleep Study equipment back I was contacted within a week with the results. The convenience of conducting the tests at home and receiving a more accurate computer read out on my actual sleep pattern was great.

Since receiving the results (which were chronic and quite serious) I proceeded with the program.

I have been impressed with the service, promptness in reply to my monitored results, which was provided weekly as required, the assistance I had was prompt and very helpful and all questions I had were answered. 

I have only been using CPAP now for a month. Before I would wake up feeling run down and still tired as if being on the grog all night and with a headache and tired at night falling asleep in front of the TV earlier in the evenings. 

After a week, I was a feeling better and a lot more alert and refreshed in the mornings. I get more sleep now as my wife is no longer hitting me and waking me up to telling me to “breathe!”

Apparently according to my first test, I was going for periods of up to 1.17 mins without breathing and showed I was awake for on average 37 mins per hour. Now there are periods of only 14 sec of apnoea* and am dreaming a lot more in the third stage of sleep and improving.

I would recommend Jo Moore for her professionalism and assistance during the initial and my continuous progress.

Thank you so much Jo for helping me getting better I appreciate it.

-Jim Goldring