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Discover the Benefits of a Home Sleep Study

Benefits of a Home Sleep Study

Have you ever thought about having a home sleep study? If you struggle with daytime sleepiness then you may already know what’s causing it. Perhaps you find it hard to wind down after a busy day, or you have an infant in the house? But if you don’t know, and you really need a good night’s sleep, a sleep study may be the answer. So, do you go to a sleep lab or opt for a home sleep study?

If you’re like most people, the idea of having to travel to a sleep lab (sometimes hours for those living in rural areas) and spend the night in an unfamiliar bed is not ideal. For other people, trying to sleep in a strange room with foreign smells while being hooked up to a machine is enough of a deterrent to avoid a sleep study altogether which is potentially highly dangerous. And that’s concerning because testing for snoring and sleep apnea may change your life, well-being and relationships forever.

Thankfully, there’s no need to go to a sleep lab for testing. You can have a home sleep study in the comfort of your own bed.

What Is A Home Sleep Study?

If you can’t sleep at night or you feel sleepy during the day, you probably have a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders cause multiple health problems and affect your wellbeing. The best way to find out if you have a sleep disorder is to have a sleep study. A sleep study can help your doctor diagnose your disorder. Which means you get treated properly. And you experience life-changing results.

A home sleep study is a simplified version of a test that was once only available in sleep clinics. Known as polysomnography, a sleep study records your body’s activity during sleep. That includes your breathing, heart activity, brain activity, limb movement, sleeping position, blood oxygen levels and more. All from the convenience, privacy and comfort of your own bed.

What Happens During A Home Sleep Study?

When you are ready to go to sleep, simply set up the sleep study equipment. You will receive guidance from your Sleep Therapist beforehand so that you know what to do. Simply connect the monitoring sensors and fall asleep! It’s that easy. And your Sleep Therapist is just a phone call away if you have any problems - You're never alone.

When you wake the next morning, follow the instructions from your Sleep Therapist and wait for your diagnosis which takes approximately 2 weeks. You can already see how much easier it is to have a home sleep study but here are some major benefits that you may not have thought about.

What are the Benefits of a Home Sleep Study?

1. Accurately diagnosing your potential sleep disorder correctly

The quality of the 'sleep data' recorded during a sleep study is extremely important because it is from this data that an independent Sleep Physician assesses your condition, identifies the severity of any sleep disorder present, and can then prescribe the appropriate treatment recommendation for you. Therefore, it is important that the quality of sleep recorded on the night of your study is as 'typical' as possible. Sleeping in a sleep lab or hospital is difficult for some people, therefore compromising their quality of sleep, and diagnostic results. Poor 'sleep data' can lead to misdiagnosis compromising your final treat recommendations, delaying improved health benefits while wasting time and money at the cost of your health. 

2. You’ll save money

If you were to add up all the costs of having a sleep study at a lab, including travel and parking costs, it’s clear that having a home sleep study is much more affordable.

3. You’ll be more comfortable

Obviously, sleeping in your own bed is going to be more comfortable than an unfamiliar bed in a lab. Not only that but when you’re at home you don’t have to deal with lab staff - asking to use the toilet or for a glass of water. And you can be surrounded by all your usual creature comforts which means you’ll sleep better and your test results will be more accurate.

4. It’s very convenient

What could be more convenient than having your home sleep study equipment delivered straight to your door? It’s so much easier than travelling to a sleep labto spend the night. And, you won’t waste all that travel time.

5. It’s Life-Saving

If you don’t have a sleep study and your snoring or sleep apnea is left undiagnosed you run the risk of so many health problems. Not to mention depression and anxiety. Having a home sleep study provides more accurate results. That’s because you sleep in the same comfortable way that you do every night. Accurate results mean a more accurate diagnosis ensuring the correct treatment can be prescribed.

6. You'll be well supported by an expert

Your Sleep Therapist is there for you every step of the way. If you ever have any concerns about your home sleep study or treatment, simply pick up the phone and have a chat with your Sleep Therapist. 

Don't put it off any longer. Snoring and sleep apnea should be treated, not tolerated. Call us today on 1300 246 637 or submit the contact form below for an obligation-free chat with a friendly professional Sleep Therapist - we're here to help. Contact us now.

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