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Diagnosis is a vital step before treatment, but most sufferers are unaware of their sleep disorders ... because they are asleep when it happens, and because getting a polysomnogram (diagnostic sleep study) is usually an expensive, unpleasant, time consuming hassle.

But now there is no need to go through the appointments, travel, parking hassles, strange bed and rigmarole associated with sleep labs or pick up depots.

Instead of making you get to the technology, we get the technology to you.

A diagnostic recorder will be delivered to your door, on the date you choose.

No preliminary visit to a sleep physician, because we conduct all the screening tests for you, over the phone, for free. No overnight stay in a sleep lab, nor visit to a site for fitting and return. No long waiting lists. No inferior 'screening' technology. No fuss at all.

These are hospital-grade polysomnographic recorders, not mere screening devices. Your sleep study therefore attracts a generous Medicare contribution, and records all the data needed to ensure a proper diagnosis by a registered Australian specialist sleep and respiratory physician.

A sleep physician's diagnosis and prescription also ensures any treatment costs are subsidised by your health insurer. Inferior screening technology does not qualify for this, leaving you out of pocket if treatment is necessary.

Don’t delay. Get in touch today to arrange your home based diagnostic sleep study.

Call during business hours on 1300 246 637.

Or Submit the form below. We’ll call you back at a time you choose.

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