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Free Online Sleep Self-Assessment


Complete our online sleep self assessment questionnaire to estimate your likelihood of having a serious sleep disordered breathing condition. CLICK HERE

Our unique sleep disorder self assessment combines a range of scientifically validated and professionally approved screening systems, including the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, the Karolinska Scale, the Flemons Predictor, and more.  Combined as they are in this self assessment questionnaire they are an extremely accurate indicator of whether or not a sleep disordered breathing condition exists.

Note that the only truly accurate and professionally recognised method of assessment, diagnosis and proper treatment for a sleep disordered breathing condition is via a polysomnogram (diagnostic sleep study).

This study will monitor your breathing patterns and stoppages, cardiac activity, brain activity, limb movement, sleeping position, blood oxygen levels and much more, all while you are asleep.  Polysomnograms are the ‘gold standard’ for the professional diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing.

This Self Assessment does not replace the requirement for a full diagnostic sleep study -- but it lets you know whether a diagnostic sleep study is truly justified.