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Do A Free Sleep Apnoea Self-Assessment

These scientifically validated and professionally recognised assessment tools will accurately assess the likelihood of you having a serious sleep disordered breathing (SDB) condition.

Self Assessment Test #1
The first tool (known as the Epworth Sleepiness Scale) is a subjective 8 question evaluation of your normal level of sleepiness in a variety of situations. Persistent sleepiness is a major consequence and symptom of apnea so this test is a valuable tool for identifying serious sufferers.

In the section below, click to select the number that best describes your likelihood of feeling sleepy in the corresponding situations.

If you scored more than 8 on the ESS test you are likely to have a serious condition. You have satisfied one of the key criteria for a Medicare rebate. 

Self Assessment Test #2

The following 8 questions are known as the  'STOPBANG'  criteria.

Score 1 point for each 'Yes'.

The total score ranges from 0 to 8.

If you score 0 to 2, the possibility of you having moderate to severe sleep apnea can be confidently ruled out. Medicare coverage does not typically apply here.

A score of 3 to 4 is classified as moderate risk. Other factors will be considered to determine whether Medicare coverage is available. (See Self Assessment Test #3, below.)

A score of 5 to 8 is classified as high risk for moderate to severe sleep apnea and is usually covered. Male gender, being overweight and/or having a large neck circumference all significantly increase the risk of serious sleep apnea.

Self Assessment Test #3

The existence of other conditions can also be an indicator of sleep apnea. Check yourself against the following list:  

All of these conditions are symptoms, comorbidities or consequences associated with serious sleep disordered breathing.

Multiple indicators mean vastly higher likelihood of serious sleep apnea.

In many cases, these conditions are caused or exacerbated by your sleep apnea.  These conditions tend to worsen over time if the sleep apnea is not controlled.

The good news is: treatment of your underlying sleep disorder will resolve or assist in the treatment of all these conditions.

By simply getting proper, healthy, restorative sleep you can resolve or alleviate many of these problems. You also avoid or reduce the risk of other dangerous conditions, such as ischaemic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke, which are strongly associated with sleep apnea. 

Need a sleep study?

Getting a sleep study is no longer a time consuming, expensive, unpleasant hassle.  

In fact, getting a diagnostic sleep study in your own bed is now remarkably easy and affordable.  For qualifying patients, a generous Medicare rebate applies and the out of pocket expense is very affordable.  It is usually cheaper than the travel time, parking, consultation and other fees and expenses associated with other sleep study providers.

We've helped thousands of people, from 18 to 93 years of age, of all shapes and sizes, all around Australia - from capital cities through to mining camps and remote rural properties.  We can probably help you too.

For most people, there is simply no need or reason to travel to a Sleep Physician for a preliminary appointment ... and then return to stay overnight in a sleep lab.

Subject to eligibility criteria, your Medicare-rebated diagnostic sleep study can now be performed in the comfort and convenience of your own home, without leaving your home. 

The diagnostic equipment will be delivered to your door.

You don't even need to visit a clinic to be fitted up with the diagnostic unit (and then wear it around for the rest of the day, until the next morning).

Getting a good diagnosis is a major step toward resolving your sleep disorder.  And we are Australia's best at helping people get patient-friendly sleep studies.

Click here to call us on 1300 246 637 or get in touch through the form and we will call you back to answer your questions and help you with everything.