Coal Board Medicals

Coal Board Medicals are now a statuory requirement for all coal mine employees. 

The Coal Board Medicals are part of the industry's effort to improve workplace health and safety.

A recent addition to the Coal Board Medical is the introduction of questions relating to sleep.  This is primarily because sleep, or sleep disorders, can impact negatively and dramatically on the cognitive performance of a sufferer.  The risk of accident, mishap and injury is consequently increased.

Coal Board Medicals can now be performed locally in many parts of Queensland.

If the Medical finds evidence of a sleep disorder, a diagnostic sleep study will typically be required.  If a local medicals clinic does not exist, a specially trained nurse can visit the region or mine site and perform diagnostic sleep studies on all relevant parties.  This obviously eliminates the need for these people to have to travel to distant cities where hospital based sleep study units exist.

The diagnostic sleep recorder is worn overnight in the comfort and privacy of the patients' own bedroom, delivering a far more typical and comfortable night's sleep.   The next morning, the data from the recorder is sent to an independent specialist sleep physician who diagnoses the nature of any sleep condition and prescribes an appropriate form of treatment.

Again, if no local clinic exists, one of our nurses can usually visit the region or site and provide treatment on-site. 

Patients who have had their sleep disorder treated are deemed 'fit to work' under the guidelines defined in the Coal Board Medical.

If you need a Coal Board Medical, or know someone who needs one, contact us today on 07 3218 2171 to discuss your situation and arrange an appointment if necessary.    Alternatively, you can contact us with your queries via the contact from below.

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