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Announcing new CPAP technology for 2018

Fisher and Paykel SleepStyle™ CPAP

Finally, a revolution in CPAP technology that makes sleep apnoea home treatment easier and more comfortable than ever before. Fisher & Paykel’s State Manager for Sleep Apnoea and Homecare Division, Simon McDonald, gave us the lowdown on recent advances in CPAP machines for 2018.


“CPAP is such a big imposition on someone’s life,” says Simon. “The biggest challenge is making that impact as smooth as possible.” When it comes to remedies to stop snoring, Fisher & Paykel is all about freedom and simplicity, and their latest CPAP unit SleepStyle™ embodies that ethos.


“It's been nearly six years in the making,” says Simon, “and it's got some wonderful new features. One of them being the addition of expiratory release.”


Expiratory Relief

One of the most common complaints of sleep apnoea patients is about the pressure from their CPAP. According to Simon, “Patients find it difficult to breathe out against the pressure. It feels uncomfortable. So having that added to our device aids reduces the feeling of claustrophobia, the feeling of resistance when breathing out.”


Fisher & Paykel SensAwake™SensAwake™

Alleviating discomfort that older CPAP machines have doesn’t stop there. The one feature of SleepStyle™ that’s exclusive to Fisher & Paykel is SensAwake™

The SleepStyle™ senses when you start to wake up and reduces the amount of pressure. “The common complaint of patients with old machines is that you just don't have responsiveness,” says Simon.


“Sometimes patients would wake up when they have an obstruction event and the machine would be blasting away at those higher pressures. But that isn't an issue now." SensAwake™ makes it easier to fall back to sleep and also ensures that treatment isn’t interrupted.


Internal Modem

Smart technology makes life easier for SleepStyle™ users. An internal modem is built into the CPAP unit so there’s no more mucking around with manually uploading data from a USB stick or even worse, taking the CPAP into the clinician. The internal modem ensures treatment is monitored regularly with little effort.


App And Web

Bluetooth technology means that data is sent from the CPAP straight to the App on a smartphone or accessed online. Patients can check how their treatment is going at any time. 

“It gives the patients feedback on things like their hours of use and also mask leak,” says Simon. “High leaks can be to the patient’s detriment but if they are aware of it, they can obviously make changes and adjust their mask, or seek assistance from their healthcare provider.”


Easier To Clean, Easier To Use

The water chamber in the SleepStyle™ CPAP unit is easier to clean and fill with just a push of a button. According to Simon, “We've made it a lot easier to access and for the patient to clean. The little tub that comes out of the humidifier is much less of a challenge when compared with the older devices.”


So much less challenging that the Arthritis Foundation has endorsed the SleepStyle™ CPAP for ease of use. “That's very important for people with low dexterity,” says Simon. Not only that but the control buttons are larger and easier to use, simply press Start to get going.


When it comes to simplicity for patients and providing more freedom in their lives, the SleepStyle™ lives up to Fisher & Paykel’s claims. Word is that the Simplus mask is next in line for an upgrade. We can’t wait to see what Fisher & Paykel come up with, watch this space for the breaking news.